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Our Programs

Join us weekly over Zoom for free sessions with guest creatives. Topics change weekly and conclude with a time for networking.

Interested in hosting a SEA Summit? Reach out to us!

Book 1-1 sessions with creatives professionals. Mentors are available to review portfolios, manuscripts, demo reels, and more as well as discuss questions one to one.

Our new membership and content site full of courses and resources to help you succeed. Coming 2021!

SEA is proud to present a variety of interview series focused on current issues facing emerging creatives.

Connect with over 500 like-minded creatives in our Free closed Facebook Group - The SEA Mastermind.

For over 20 years SEA has held the Annual SEA Conference in the Chicago area. In addition, we collaborate with other organizations to provide sessions at their events. We look forward to returning to live events when it is safe to do so.

Click to see what's happening this month.

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