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Legal CPR Cohort Q & A

Who is this for? This group is for any creative who wants to have a better understanding on what to do and what not to do when legal issues arise in connection with your creative work. It is open to all areas of art - visual, performing, literary, and media.


What will this group actually do? Each week we will get together for an hour to discuss legal topics around issues you are facing in your day to day creative life whether that be in the courses you are taking, your job, your business, or side hustle. We’ll ask you not to share anything you need to keep confidential; and you won’t be getting legal advice. Our discussion is meant to illustrate how to tackle these situations – not how to resolve them ourselves.


What will this group help me accomplish? The focus will be on helping you to develop skills for safely identifying and managing legal issues as they arise in practice. You’ll learn that not everything rests on your one set of shoulders. So you might end up with a better night’s sleep!


How will the group meet? The group will meet weekly over Zoom. It will only work if everyone participates, so we will expect you to attend each session, and contribute to the discussions.


How big is the cohort group? We will cap the group at 10


When does the group meet? Time and day will be determined by the group


When does the cohort run? We are looking at starting mid January and running through mid February (4 weeks)


What do you mean by “Pilot” Group? We are testing out the idea of the “Legal CPR Cohort Group.” We will be seeking your feedback so that we can learn from this experience as we find new ways to meet the needs of emerging creatives. The pilot group will be free but space is limited to the first 10 people to sign up.


How do I join the group? Follow this link

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