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NEW for 2021

Pilot Cohort Starts January 2021

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Legal CPR Cohort Group.png

SEA is pleased to collaborate with copyright, trademark, and arts attorney Elizabeth T Russell on a FREE pilot cohort group focused on helping you develop your legal “CPR” skill set.


When we learn “regular” CPR as citizens, we learn two things: how to identify when a person is in distress; and how to keep them breathing until help arrives. Nobody expects us to do the job of first responders or hospital medical professionals. And in fact, if we try: bad things can happen.


It’s the same, with our legal issues as creatives. The most valuable skills we can develop are knowing how to spot these issues; and having a plan for resolving them safely.


Those are the skills we will hone, in this program.

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Stay tuned for our next cohort.

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