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Would you like to present at one of our events?  We are always looking for practicing artists, educators, and arts business professionals.  Opportunities include panelists, workshop leaders, keynote speakers, round table discussion leaders, idea pitch judges, and mentors. This is a great opportunity to give back to those eager to get their own creative careers started or to the next level. BONUS! Friday evening of the annual conference we have a speaker, faculty, and sponsor reception. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to connect with participants and supporters from across the country.

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The Call for Presenters for the 19th Annual SEA Conference being held in Chicago on February 23rd & 24th, 2019 will be available in September. The Links below will be activated at that time.



Below are a list of frequently asked questions about presenting.  If you have an additional question, please click on the button below to email us directly.

Frequently asked Q & A:

1.  Do I need to be a professional speaker to present?  Absolutely not!  We welcome all types of presenters - those with experience leading workshops and those who are artists and just want to share their story and knowledge.

2.  Do you offer honorariums for speakers?  We are always seeking speakers who are willing to donate their time. Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible for the attendees. However, we do have a small budget for honorariums and will consider the request on an individual basis.

3.  Do you cover travel expenses?  We have a small budget to help cover travel expenses for those traveling a distance. Travel reimbursements will be discussed in advanced.

4.  How many people should I expect in a session?  The annual conference has around 350 to 450 total attendees.  Breakouts sessions usually range between 15 and 60 attendees depending on the topic.  Regionals range from 100 to 400 attendees with the exception of the CEO Conference which ranges from 800 to over 1,000.  


5.  Who usually attends the conference?  The majority of attendees are college students and educators.  We also attract community artists and serious high school students.  The annual conference in February and most regional events have a high number of visual, performing, literary, and media artists.  The CEO event is geared more towards the traditional college business student but will also attract art students. SEA has overseen the art track sessions within the larger program offerings at CEO.

6.  How long are the sessions?  Session length can vary depending on the event but the majority are 60 minutes.  In addition, we usually have several session blocks that we can adjust to accommodate 90 to 120 minute workshops.