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Welcome to MxV! We're Mike Veny and Leanna Lee, your entrepreneur co-hosts. Even though we come from different backgrounds and industries, we've got one big thing in common: our struggle with mental health. We started MxV because it was hard to find good resources for people like us who work differently. Every month, we share our struggles and dive into long-term mental health management and practical business strategies designed to help you work better and live well.

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Eager to Know is a weekly podcast hosted by Chicago artist Ricky McEachern that engages creative leaning people about their journey and path forward. It is inspired by the idea that the creative aspects of our minds can shift outcomes in exciting ways. Each episode offers listeners suggestions on moving things forward. Guests include artists as well as others in life roles not traditionally considered creative. Several of the podcasts were recorded at the SEA Conference in 2019 and 2020.

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The Breakthrough Creative with host John McDavitt is for the Creative Entrepreneur as we look behind the scenes at the ‘business of art’ and the ‘art of business!

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