*Membership notes: The next in-person SEA Conference is tentatively set for February 2022. However, this could change based on health and other factors related to but not limited to the current pandemic. To receive the membership discount for classes, workshops, conference, and other paid events; you must be a member at the time the event takes place. Each month, SEA will offer at least one small group mentoring session. The date and time is determined by SEA. For the Membership Plus level, we guarantee a minimum of 3 hours each month for mentoring access. Slots will be available in 30 minute increments and available on a first come, first serve basis. Members are asked to book no more than one mentoring slot per month. Slots become available on the 1st of each month. Based on availability, not all members may be able to receive a mentoring slot every month.


Although SEA, North Central College, and program facilitators encourage all participants in small group mentoring and other sessions where open engagement takes place to maintain program discussions in confidence, by participating, participants understand and agree that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for information shared in session discussions. Participants agree not to share any information that they seek to maintain as confidential or that the participant is obligated to maintain as confidential.


Participants understand that session discussions are intended to be general and educational, and that neither SEA, North Central College, nor program facilitators are or will be providing participants with legal or financial advice.


Participants understand and agree that it is their sole responsibility to consult with independent legal counsel, financial advisor, or other business/career advisor before acting on any information or suggestions they hear from anyone during session discussions.


Participants hereby release and forever discharge SEA, North Central College, mentors, and other session leaders from all claims arising from membership in this program.


Participants must be at least 18 years old.