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For over 20 years we have put together an amazing line-up of presenters. Below are links to previous programs.

What do others have to say about SEA?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference and The Business Plan Pitch Competition was a wonderful tool of encouragement for me.  This conference is the best thing around for artists and I will be sure to spread the word about it.   - Lauren C., Student

The workshops were informative and motivating.  The presenters were enthusiastic and obviously knowledgeable.  There are multiple concepts I plan to bring back to the classroom.  I especially value the copyright information and will cover this in-depth with students.  The marketing concepts will be beneficial to my studio art students, and the concepts I learned about website and internet promotional strategies will help prepare my classes for real world situations.  The connections I made with other teachers and businesses will become excellent resources in the future.  - Jacquelin S., Educator

I was truly impressed with the SEA Conference.  The organization of the event was well thought out and the caliber of the keyote speakers was outstanding.  The topics for the break-out sessions were excellent.  It was very inspiring.  I have already been contacted by students and faculty that I had the pleasure to meet to continue the dialog that began at this conference.  - Sally M., Presenter

The SEA Conference was by far so much more insightful than what I expected it to be.  It served as a great deal of inspiration while getting to know the speakers from the sessions I attended.  SEA also provided me with new contacts with music business professionals who are now guiding me for another internship in the summer.  What was most impressive about the conference is its reach to every form of art.  From visual to performing, I believe that every type of artist was able to benefit from the conference.  - Student

The speakers were all very kind and ready to help and knew their topics well.  I appreciated how the whole conference had an openness to it.  You had the opportunity to dine with the speakers at any of the meals.  They weren't set apart at all but engaged with the students and tried to help them in any way they could.  It's a great opportunity for students to learn about what it takes to be a self-employed artist and to learn and ask questions in an environment made for just that. - Student

I signed up for a one-on-one meeting with a professional in fine art which turned out to be the highlight of my trip since a lot of the advice was specific to my body of work.  I would attend another event like this in a heartbeat.  - Student

This conference was an amazing experience.  Not only did I gather extremely helpful information, but it made me feel more connected to my future.  Seeing the presenters that are able to succeed in the same field that I want to go into assured me that I can also be successful in pursing my passion.  Making a career for yourself in the arts is risky, and this conference only made me more excited to take that risk.  I loved being surrounded by other creative individuals; the atmosphere was so inspiring.  This conference gave me a new found excitement for what my future holds and I strongly recommend this experience to other students in the future.  - Student