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ABOUT: Are you looking to connect with SEA's best experts? Now you can book their time 1-1 for as little as $25! Our platform is under renovation, but you can still book a 1-1 session by emailing us at info@selfemploymentinthearts.com. Just let us know who you would like a mentoring sessions with, and we'll take it from there.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Performing Arts - Music, Theater, Dance


Whether you're looking for career advice or feedback on a demo tape, portfolio, artist statement, audition tape, or manuscript; we've got you covered.


1-1 Video Sessions

Connect via video to prep for your audition, get career coaching on how to set your artistic goals and growth, talk through your pricing structure and more!

Audio/Video Feedback

Got a funny podcast, new demo tape, or have a video performance you want feedback on? Upload your audio or video file and receive notes/feedback from one of our experts.

Document Feedback

Need feedback on your portfolio, artist statement, manuscript, or other written document? Send it over and let our experts provide feedback.

General Mentor Area: Music

Specialties: Booking live music during a pandemic, How to jump start playing live shows, Venue/artist relationships.

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General Mentor Areas:

Music, Theater, Business Support and Arts Entrepreneurship

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Self-promotion and Networking, Virtual Business Organization, Non-profit Administration, Professional Performance

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Dr. Sean Flanigan headshot.jpeg

Singer/Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Blogger,

Author, and Personal Development Coach

Jonelle Carter

Sean Flanigan

Director of Music Entrepreneurship Studies, Colorado Mesa University

General Mentor Area: Media Arts

Specialties: Career strategy, resume, film feedback and review

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DSC00140 (1).jpg

General Mentor Area: Visual Arts

Specialties: Portfolio development, writing artist statements and bios, website development

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Amen Jafri

Denise Laurin

Documentary Filmmaker
and Personal Branding Consultant

Artist, Educator, and Art Historian
Living Creatively, Founder

General Mentor Area: Visual Arts

Specialties: Getting Started, Working with Clients, Freelance / Independent Contracting, Storytelling

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Musician & Motivational Speaker

General Mentor Area: Performing Arts

Specialties: Marketing, Violin, Djaying

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No violin.JPG.jpg

John McDavitt

Designer, Illustrator, Sculptor, Muralist,

Educator, and Speaker

Rodney Page

Singer & Entertainer

General Mentor Area: Music

Specialties: Music Business, Performance Anxiety, Email marketing, Building Your Own Show

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Art Director & Graphic Designer

General Mentor Area: Visual Arts / Media Arts

Specialties: Portfolio Development, Resume Reviews, Graphic Design Tips, Marketing & Branding

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Dr. Greta Pope

Catherine Ross

Media & Content Creator

General Mentor Area: Digital & Media Arts 

Specialties: Video production, YouTube monetization, Blogging, and Sponsorship

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Steve Rogers Profile Photo.jpg

Commercial Photographer

General Mentor Area: Visual & Media Arts - Photography

Specialties: Portfolio Development, Resume Reviews, Working with Clients, Commercial Photography

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Steve Rogers

Jeffrey Ross

Chair, Theatre Department
Columbia College Chicago

General Mentor Area: Theater

Specialties: Audition Prep for Actors, TV/Film Auditions, Theatre Auditions, Headshot/Resume Work for Actors

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Actor | Professional Stuntman & Coordinator

General Mentor Area: Theater / Media Arts

Specialties: Audition Prep(self-tapes), Acting Career advice, theater, Film/Tv production jobs(How to get started), How to maintain work in film/tv production.

Phil Tyler-D.jpg

Carin Silkaitis

Phil Tyler

Fine Artist

General Mentor Area: Visual Arts / Business Support

Specialties: Business planning, Marketing and Branding, Writing (artist statements, marketing text, etc.), Pricing, Website design

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Mental Health Speaker

General Mentor Area: Business Support

Specialties: Professional Speaking,Networking, Marketing, Maximizing Revenue

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Daniel Sroka

Mike Veny


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