Melissa Sallée—a classically trained ballerina who studied with Maria Tallchief, Ballet Chicago and Sherry Moray—is the assistant director of Dance Detour, an integrated, professional dance company based in Chicago, and former artistic director of the pre-professional Élan Dance Company.


Sallée also works with ReinventAbility using movement to benefit newly disabled veterans at Hines VA and those with severe physical disabilities at Illinois Center for Rehabilitation & Education. Sallée has worked full time as an artist since she was 15 years old.


Beyond teaching and performing, Sallée is a fierce and loyal advocate who works with the Congressional Arts Caucus as an Illinois delegate as well as having served on state and municipal task forces to improve universal access, disability rights and access to the arts.  

Melissa Sallee

Dance Detour


Assistant Director, Dance Detour





Melissa is Available for:

  • Classroom Presentations

  • Workshops

  • Mentoring


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  • Northern Illinois

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