Enthusiasm Rules!

by Jeffrey P. Fisher




There is one simple skill you should master that can often have a surprisingly positive effect on the success of your own creative business. What is it, you may ask? Enthusiasm.


Have you ever noticed when someone is extremely happy? It's as if their whole demeanor changes. They smile, laugh, become more animated, and generally gush warmth into a room. They'll frequently be unable to sit still, will talk with their hands (and arms!), and make other wild expressions and gestures. Their speech is higher in pitch and frequently more rapid. It's almost comical to experience someone when they reach this mood. Yet still, you can't help but be impressed and swept away by their joyous mood.


Enthusiasm is contagious. When you're excited about something those around you get excited about it, too. Your passion rarely goes unnoticed. People quickly see that you're not only serious about what you do; you have a fire raging inside that won't be easily extinguished.


Happy people make others around them feel good about themselves, too. And that's the key to this skill. You need to elevate your good mood however you come into contact with people. When you make others feel good about themselves, they'll reward you with their loyalty.


Many clients have told me that the way I get excited about their projects energizes them, too. They feel my enthusiasm and that works to abate their fears (am I the right person for the project?). I feel that I get hired more because of my enthusiasm rather than my credentials. I'm extremely passionate about my work. I respect my clients, and want to give them my best. Always. You should agree with this philosophy as well.


You can't get by with some phony and faint expression of interest either. People can sense a poser. Your enthusiasm must be genuine. You are passionate about what you do, right? You do believe in your artistic pursuits, right? You do want others to share in your joy? If you answered yes, it's time to cultivate your eagerness, showcase your zeal, and use your fire to impact people. Enthusiasm is by far the easiest (and cheapest!) method to get more people on your side. And that's a sound strategy that you can take to the bank.