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Coffee Breaks for Creatives: Getting & Keeping the Gig

Coffee Breaks for Creatives: Getting & Keeping the Gig

Musicians, Terry and Jonelle Carter from the band River Road Trio discuss how to get and keep the gig. They bring a wealth of knowledge and cover topics from pricing to putting together your RPK. About Terry and Jonelle: Terry Carter is an accomplished guitar player/singer with over forty years of experience. Spending much of his professional life on the road, Terry has a keen understanding of the traveling musician. A frequent on the Chicago music scene with Kentucky roots, Terry joins blues licks and chicken pickin’ together in a perfectly blended marriage. His love of vintage tube amps and guitars are the foundation of what makes his tone recognizable. Terry is always excited and will- ing to share his knowledge gained over the last four decades of being an in demand and busy player on the scene. Jonelle Carter hails from southwest of Chicago and has been a singer-songwriter for over two decades. She has written and recorded multiple albums and singles, as well as managing, promoting, and booking her band River Road Trio. Her first single has accumulated over 500,000 downloads since debuting in 2004, and she’s maintained online success while gaining knowledge on how the everyday musician can use social media to grow their brand. Jonelle is also an author, speaker, business owner, and a Mom, learning early in her career how to balance the challenges of a busy personal life with a successful entertainment career. Jonelle brings to the table her distinct knowledge on how to grow your music career while managing the demands of every day life.
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