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Alexia Jacques-Casanova - Mexus


1) What was your initial reason for pursuing the idea of Mexus?
Mexus is actually my thesis project for my MA in Arts Administration and Policy. It started from my admiration for independent artists and collectives in Mexico and my desire to come up with an idea, as an arts manager, to help them do their best work in the best conditions.

2) How has your vision changed from your first business concept to where it is now? What has influenced these changes?
The vision has changed a lot! It is influenced mainly by the discussions I have with the artists (the targeted audience for Mexus) but also in great part by the professionals and the academics I have had the opportunity to present the project to. It is essential to talk about a business idea with as many people as possible, from very diverse background. Everybody has experiences and points of view to share.

3) What are you currently working on with Mexus?
I recently decided to reverse the chronological order of my action plan forMexus. Instead of starting with a website and then organizing physical event to bring together all of the users, I realized it would make more sense to start with the "real" side of things. I am therefore working on putting together activities for a 4 days event and starting a website to document the process and the event itself.

4) Where do you hope Mexus is a year from now? Five years from now?
A year from now, I hope to have launch Mexus and see the artistic community of Mexico City use it on a daily basis. In five years, I would love for this same community to have taken over the website to make it entirely theirs.

5) What advice would you give to someone who is currently in college trying to pursue an artistic business idea?
I would tell them to talk to as many professionals as they can about it and really apply to as many competitions and/or grants as they can: even if you don't win, it is great practice. Also don't be scared to fail or change your plans completely, the important thing is to react to feedback, to be flexible and resilient.