Sunny Shah


College: Illinois Institute for Technology, Duchossois Leadership Scholar

Major: Psychology
SEA Student MC: 2016 & 2017


Whether through acting, stand-up comedy or spoken word poetry, Sunny has been exploring new ways to connect with an audience since childhood. He's given talks at schools, businesses, conferences, and TEDx events on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and mental health. Calling on ideas rooted in positive psychology and Eastern philosophies, he tells stories that people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to and takeaway applicable life lessons from. He isn't afraid to challenge even the most common ideas which we base our life habits around, and will urge you to do the same.

Sunny has been the Master of Ceremonies for both the 2016 & 2017 SEA Annual Conferences. 

"The SEA conference is my annual detox. It's a chance to forget the difficulties and demands of daily life, and reconnect with the emotions that pushed me to become an artist. And more than anything, it's a chance to connect with other artists who share those emotions, and are ready to share them with you."