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Picking the right college can seem overwhelming. Don't worry! We're here to help. We've teamed up with creatives and educators who are also parents to help you navigate the process. Tips have been categorized by creative genre as well as a general tip list which is applicable to everyone.

Visual Artists


Media Artists

Resource Central:

Accredited Schools Online

This website has useful information about choosing an art school. In addition, below are links to two free guides provided by Accredited Schools Online.

Career Paths for Art Students

Financial Aid Options for Art Students



Article: How to Successfully Pursue a Creative Career​

Great in-depth article that takes a look at the benefits and challenges of creatives careers as well as links to useful resources.

Article (Dance): Career Options for Dance

Article (Music): What Can You Do with a Music Degree? 70+ Careers & Salaries Revealed

This is a great list that expands beyond the traditional idea of either being in an ensemble or teaching. It is a little dated (2014) and there is an offer to purchase an e-book that we have not reviewed - but the article is free!

Article (Music): Choosing a Music Career 101

Article (Writing): Writing Majors for College Students

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Government site that provides data on careers and median wages

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Actors

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Careers for Creative People

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Craft & Fine Artists

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Dancers & Choreographers

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Graphic Designers

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Multimedia Artists & Animators

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Musicians & Singers

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Photographers

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Producers & Directors

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Writers & Authors

College Board - Major & Career Search

Great tool for browsing and learning more about career options

College Review Sites