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Saying NO to the "Starving Artist"Stigma
by:  Jessica Kizorek

For the past 15 years Jessica Kizorek has become known, both domestically and abroad, as an entrepreneur and international activist specializing in women’s financial empowerment. Working primarily with large non-profits through her company, Two Parrot Productions (co-founded with her father Bill Kizorek), she has created over 30 short films and video-centric fundraising campaigns. Having traveled to over 60 countries, she has covered many humanitarian causes as a journalist and documentarian. Jessica has lectured at prestigious universities such as Princeton, authored 8 books, and been a featured small business expert on media outlets including CNN and Fox. In addition to being a professional photographer /videographer, she is also a fine artist... a poet, calligrapher, painter and sculptor of light.




As Artists, we must make a decision about whether we plan to monetize our artistry or work a job that pays the bills...then do art on the side. That choice is up us. But if we choose to be self-employed as an artist, it's our job to learn basic entrepreneurial tendencies that will allow us to focus full-time on our arts without struggling financially.


Let's get real about it: It's almost assumed that most artists will "starve" while they pay their dues and create enough of a portfolio to be taken seriously. Most people don't choose a career as a professional artist to make a lot of money. Many artists experience tremendous inner conflict when learning to build a business as a freelance artist. In some strange way, money is almost scoffed at and commercialism seems to pollute the purity of art...for art's sake. Sadly, artists who really gain traction and start making names for themselves are often labeled as "sell-outs." It's important to point that out if we are going to start "Saying NO to the 'Starving Artist' Stigma."


We are approaching a new era, and there are incredible money-making tools at our fingertips. It's a magical era of mobile devices, and the job count in digital arts is exploding. Recently the buzz word acronym "S.T.E.M." (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) was amended to "S.T.E.A.M." to insert an "A" for "Arts & User interface.” This points to majorly good news for artists...but only the ones who can harness their sheer creativity to offer services that are valuable on the global marketplace.



For the entire article by Jessica, click here.