8/19:  Artists and musicians are more likely to be self-employed than not.  Are you ready? (AR Article)


8/26:  Sell is NOT a four letter word (JPF Article)


9/2:  Think like starving artist become a starving artist. Think like successful artist become a successful artist (TS Video)


9/9:  Ready to start your business? What should you do first? (50 CEO)


9/16:  Do you have the endurance to succeed? (MH Video)


9/23:  Where do you want to be one year from now? Create an inspiring vision. (43 S Braun)


9/30:  Tips to Pump up the Business Volume (JPF Article)


10/7:  Can you state what you do in one or two sentences? (38 CEO)


10/14:  Want to get started in Art Licensing? (JS Article)


You can have a clear audience, client-base and impact when you know your niche. (2 S.Braun)


Know which social media your target market uses. Don’t do them all but do targeted ones well. (4 CEO)


Think like a starving artist. Become a starving artist. Think like a successful artist become a successful artist. (5 S. Braun)


The difference; Turning Pro or remain an amateur (8 S. Braun)


The sooner you realize nobody is going to seek you out, the sooner they might. (13 CEO)


Remember the road to networking is a two way street. (15 CEO)


Have courage to make face to face connections. They are the still the best and strongest. (16 S.Braun) http://sethbraun.com/video-25-communication-part-3/


You practice your art fundamentals. Are you practicing business fundamentals? (17 S. Braun)


Do you know your customer? If you don’t, how will they know you? (18 S. Braun)


Can you tell me five things about your customer? (19 S. Braun)


Surround yourself with a supportive, positive, network and if you dare, a mastermind group. (29 S. Braun)


Get excited you are about your idea; you are more likely you are to succeed. (30 S. Braun)


Got rejected? Congratulations! You are one rejection closer to success. (37 CEO)






Dreams without actions are just that – dreams. (44 S Braun)


Human interest – business interest (48 CEO)