Keynote:  Paul Klein

Why and How You Can Succeed in The Art World


Paul Klein teaches online courses to empower visual artists by demystifying the art world through online webinars with acknowledged art world experts.


He had a cutting-edge gallery in Chicago for 25 years, writes for Huffington Post and is a SupporTED Mentor of TED fellows.


His keynote talk is titled: "Why and How You Can Succeed in The Art World." The art world is convoluted and unregulated and appears difficult to navigate. By learning from people who have and are succeeding, you can better understand its villages and how to create your own path. This talk is the first step - an understanding that success is indeed possible and that by being passionate, talented, unique and engaged you will succeed.

PitchJam:  Making Your Pitch


This session teaches the basics to making an easy-to-remember pitch about yourself or your business as a way to start a conversation and intrigue interest.  Once you know how to pitch, put it to practice as we do some fun, interactive speed networking activities.  Not your average session!


Session Leaders:

Michael Luchies and Katie Sowa


Additional Assistance:

Mike Veny



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14th Annual SEA Conference Session Videos -  MORE COMING SOON!

February 21st & 22nd, 2014

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